Welcome to our list of Frequently Asked Questions. We are often emailed various questions and for ease of use we thought we'd post the most common ones here. If you do have any other questions you would like answered please feel free to contact us.


1 Q) Do I need any specialised skills or tools in order to build my own DIY Guitar Kit?
1 A) Not at all! Although at least a little knowledge would be helpful. We have two types of guitars: Bolt-On and Set-In. A Bolt-On neck is slightly easier to build so if you are a little nervous as to the skill level we recommend you start with a Bolt-On (-; Info on the difference can be found here.

2 Q) Do I need to be skilled in order to wire the guitar?
2 A) No. You will need a soldering iron and some solder but it is only very basic soldering required. It can be a little tricky depending on how many components the guitar has but if you sit down and follow the wiring guide it isn't too hard. If you feel it is beyond you though, any music store will be happy to help you for a small fee.

3 Q) What products do I need to use to give my guitar a good finish?
3 A) The truth is, there is no one way to do this. There are countless ways of finishing a guitar depending on what finish you want with new techniques being added all the time. A simple Google or Youtube search will confirm this. It helps sometimes to forget that it is a guitar, and instead treat it simply as a piece of wood - however you would paint a piece of wood is how you would paint your guitar. Any hardware store will be happy to help you with the right paint products. Ideally if you want a 'clear finish' you would use a wood stain if you like (it is not mandatory) and then seal the guitar with a wood sealer. If you wanted to paint the guitar (you would lose the grain of the wood) then you would use a colour paint and then seal it with a wood sealer. We recommend you drop us an email or ask your local paint store (Builders Warehouse is a good one) and they will advise you correctly. It is also outlined in the assembly guide we provide via email.

Here is a blog post about Finishing the Body and Neck which give you a good idea at the process ahead.

4 Q) Do I have to shape the headstock?
4 A) Not at all! Most of our DIY Guitar Kits are provided with a 'paddle stock' headstock which is oversized and a square shape allowing you to shape the headstock your self, however you do not need to. We can also provide you with head stock templates which you will print and then stick on the paddle stock and then cut around in order to get an original shape. We provide these on request. We unfortunately do not shape the head stock on customers behalf though.

5 Q) I like your guitars, but I want a professional to paint and build it for me?
5 A) We work with a few reputable companies who will do amazing work on your DIY Guitar Kit. We refer the work onto them, you deal with them directly and they will quote you directly. You can view our Custom Artwork Info page for more details. Here is a link to some of our previous work.

6 Q) Do we deliver all over South Africa?
6 A) We deliver all over the world. Courier within South Africa is free of charge for orders over R500. For orders under R500 the courier charge is a flat R75. All options have a tracking link and roughly 2 working days for delivery.

For international orders, we send via the South African Post Office with a tracking link. Delivery times vary depending on location but roughly 3 weeks from dispatch can be expected.

7 Q) Can I collect my order?
7 A) We operate an online story and prefer to deliver (we do not charge for delivery) but if you are in Johannesburg you can collect and order that has been paid for in full. Once the order is placed and paid for and 'collection' is chosen as the delivery method, we will send you an address and a collection time. The employees you will collect from do not handle cash so only full orders paid up front can be collect.

8 Q) Can we assemble the guitar on your behalf?
8 A) We prefer not to. The fun is in the assembly! You'll figure out so much about a guitar by putting it together & we wouldn't want to take that away from you. We are happy to refer you onto some people or companies who we know do a great job with assembly. They do however charge though.

9 Q) How are your guitars packaged?
9 A) Are Guitars are well packaged in soft wrapping and then into cardboard box's and safe from any damage by mishandling (to a degree of course). We also add a thin coat of sanding sealer to the wood to prevent warping from heat fluctuations. If there is damage to your guitar kit we will happily replace.

10 Q) Am I able to swop out certain parts of the kit?
10 A) This is not guaranteed. We will only swop out components if we have full stock of the your preferred components. We are working towards providing this option but at this stage we do not unfortunately have the capacity to do so.