About Us

Blackbeard's Den have are the official South African distributor for one of the highest quality DIY Guitar kits on the market. We have successfully partnered with Custom Studio to allow full product customization. You have the option to either purchase the kit as it and build, finish & play it yourself. Or give us an indication of what graphic you would like on the guitar, Custom Studio will then send you a mock up & if you approve it, your guitar will arrive with your own personal & professionally air brushed graphic.  All you have to do then is assemble it.

We also sell parts, accessories & finishing products to help you get the finish you have always wanted.

  • The Blackbeard brand, and Blackbeard's Den are Trademarks owned by Monarch Pty Ltd
  • Blackbeard's Den head office is based in Johannesburg, but are prevalent only via online
  • Monarch Pty Ltd has been in business since May 2012
  • Our vision is to help the common man, make un-common guitars

For any questions, complaints or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to hear any suggestions you might have too.  Our business exists only because you create the demand - without you, there is no Blackbeard's Den - so lets work together.