Impi T-Tool


R80.00  R160.00

The Impi Skateboard T-Tool is a fantastic companion for the avid user! Throw away every spanner you have ever needed - everything you need to remove or add wheels as well as trucks is right here on this nifty little tool.

In order to offer full product customisation we sell these retro boards piece by piece. One complete Impi Skateboard is made up of:

1 X Deck
2 X Trucks
4 X Wheels
1 X Griptape (optional)

If you are looking to complete a full board please make sure your cart has the required number of each item before checking out.

For every complete order we include a free Bag, T-Tool and Stickers!

Impi T-Tool has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.

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