Impi 22" Grip Tape


R20.00  R60.00

Impi Skateboards have been designed to be used without Grip Tape - but should you want to add just a little more grip or you want to pimp out your Impi Skateboard just a little bit more then Grip Tape is a no brainer.

In order to offer full product customisation we sell these retro boards piece by piece. One complete Impi Skateboard is made up of:

1 X Deck
2 X Trucks
4 X Wheels
1 X Griptape (optional)

If you are looking to complete a full board please make sure your cart has the required number of each item before checking out.

For every complete order we include a free Bag, T-Tool and Stickers!

Impi 22" Grip Tape has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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